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Hey Guys,


I'm trying to make a DVD disc with only Dolby Digital and THX trailers on it. I've been able to amass a nice collection from surfing around on the internet. The thing is that the majority of the files are VOBs. Some are WMVs. I wasn't sure about the WMVs but I thought that DVDS would easily open up the folder where all the VOBs were. Apparently not.


How can I burn these VOB and WMV trailers onto a disc?


Thanks in advance.

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What error message does DVD Shrink give you? perhaps this is best taken there. I did a huge thread about a month or so back with a guy who did just this project. Got some trailers from dvdloc8.com but some had bad navpacks. Needed demuxing and remuxing (with muxman) to fix up the navpacks before they would all load.


The problem trailers from memory were DD Train, DD Rain and THX Cimarron.



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