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How to erase a DVD+RW completely? Check for errors?


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Assume I have a DVD+RW or DVD-RW with some content.


1.) How can I erase the content DVD completely (not only as "fast erase" of the content FAT)?


I found no "erase all" menu in ImgBurn


2.) How can I check if a DVD+RW /-RW is not damaged? In other words if the sectors on such a DVD

are all valid, readable/writeable, consistent?


If I simply read all existing files on a DVD to my hard disc it is only proven that the sectors currently filled with the content are valid.

It is NOT guaranteed that free/unfilled sectors have not a damage/logical (surface) error.


If it is not possible without writing: Can I do this with ImgBurn somehow with writing each sector and read it afterwards?

How can I write+re-read each sector with ImgBurn?



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1- Right-click the burner's name and choose Erase Disc -> Full or use the "little red eraser on a disc" button just below the burner selector list.


2- use the Discovery mode with the Verify option enabled: ImgBurn will then write zeroes on the whole disc and read them back in the Verify stage. It is a full burn + verify of the whole disc.

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