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Split 1GB iso to burn onto 2 CDs?


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I have a 1.03GB .iso file downloaded that makes a nice bootable DVD for a freeware app. However, I would now like to install that app on a server that has a slimline CD in it. Is there a way to split the 1.03GB .iso file into two smaller files that will fit onto CD and also keep the first CD bootable?

The website for the app only has that one file (no option for CD/DVD), and I'd like to do this without having to buy a slimline DVD for the server. I will look into booting from a USB connected DVD while I'm waiting for an answer...but for the general ease of using the existing CD and not having to replace or connect anything to a rackmount server in tight quarters, I'd just like an answer to the "how to do this using the CD" issue.


Thanks for your help.

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