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Drive stops spinning the Disc!


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Well, the Title already says everyting.


Im trying to burn a couple of ISO images onto DVD+R discs

and that already worked succesful about 10 times but now it bugs around.


When burning the discs between 50% and 99% it gets stuck, then the write speed goes down,

until it reaches 0 and the remeaning time says "Unknown".

Then, if I try to close ImgBurn, it says "Abort Request Acknowledged"

and sticks there. The only way to get the disc out and the drive unlocked is to shoot

down my machine, shut it down complete, turn it on again and then ejecting the disc.


That was everything for the last 3 times.

I was using RITEK media then, if it matters.


Then i was using SONY media and that error happened again, but instead that the disc was

just unfinalized, it looks like the laser didnt turn off, and i was lucky, that all i got

was a smelly drive and a smelly disc which looks like burned down at one point.

(I can add a picture of that disc if neccesary)


Is that a drive specific problem, should i get a new one (hardware releated)?

Or is that an ImgBurn releated problem (software releated)?




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How old is the drive? If it has been used for a significant amount of time, and no matter what different types of media you have used, fail then perhaps it could be that your burner is taking it's last breaths.


Before chunking it though, try cleaning the drive with a cleaning disc and see if that makes any difference.

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Ive searched the log but scince i had to shoot down my machine, it looks like ImgBurn hadnt saved the log.

All i can see from yesterday is One succesful burn (before that happened) and that i started ImgBurn after that.


Edit - Seems to be the discs, ill try verbatim as soon as i can...

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