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DVD- or DVD+


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To burn Wii games on? Always used + in my drive but notice a lot use - for burning games. My drive accepts both so which is the better? At present I have tried both and just made coasters and have been advised to get Verbatim AZO instead of the normal verbatims but not sure which ones. When Im burning dvd+ it takes longer than if using dvd- (dont know if this has any thing to do with which one i should use)



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For single layered discs, for the most part it doesn't matter. If however you are using DL discs, it is best to go with +R because of layer breaking. On a -R DL you cannot arbitrarily set the layer break, so L0 (first layer) must be burned completely no matter what. This is not useful for movies, and even certain console games (usually 360) which require a different position on the disc.


As for single layered discs, I usually use +R (but this is a preference), and yes it is good to get Verbatims however even with those you have to be careful!


Stay away from Verbatim discs that have LifeSeries or Data Life Plus since those are not true Verbatim discs, they usually have the disc ID CMC-MAG, not the true Verbatim ID MCC (for single layer).


For +R DL Verbatim discs the disc ID is MKM-xxx.

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