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Best format for BD-R data archives


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I've been using ImgBurn to create archival backups of clients projects (I run a recording studio). Just wanting to make sure I'm using the best settings to ensure future compatibility and ensure the projects will open if and when they are restored to a hard drive.


Because the software I use (ProTools) uses files with very long names (fade files and some imported audio files), I am using ISO9660+UDF (2.60) as my file system of choice.


A couple questions:


I notice if I select ISO9660+UDF, the software creates ISO9660 compliant names for some of the files. My assumption is that if any of the files' names are truncated, they will not be recognized by the software when rebuilding the project after it is restored. If this is correct, then would it be best for me to simply use UDF 2.60 *only* as the file system for the backups? Any reason to worry about not having the ISO9660 format on the disk as well?


Secondly, I've been using UDF 2.60 as it is the latest revision. Any reason why this would not be a good idea?



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