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Spanning and Filling Discs with ImgBurn


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I've been using ImgBurn for a while, and long wanted a way to split very large files over multiple discs; which of course ImgBurn itself does not do.


I wanted to write a filesystem that would make files appear in smaller pieces to any sw including ImgBurn. But, although I am a pro sw developer (meaning I get paid to do it), writing windows drivers was too specialized and too far from my areas of expertise. Not long ago I found Dokan, a driver / library written to allow windows filesystem drivers to be written in "user mode" code and using more ordinary tools and techniques. I wrote a Dokan-based driver for my own use, and used it to make archival copies of hundreds of GB of virtual disk image files.


Then I thought, others might like to be able able to do this. I added a gui, ability to "fill" in addition to "span", a few more features pulled from another project (such as, find "good" split points in mpg and transport stream files), and an installer.


I've released this app - called ChunkFS - for free and as open source on google code. Folks with "span" and "fill" requiements may want to consider trying it out.





BUT PLEASE: use all due care, considering that it is "new" and "beta level" software. As we say, "this software is made available in the hope that is may be useful, but without warranty of any kind".

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