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Wow, I'm impressed...


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Not something I say too often. Starting with the program itself and the available options, then the knowledge and attention displayed on the forum. I'll give it a good workout in the days to come and test out if it can actually fill some distinct needs.


I came across imgBurn while brushing up on boot loaders and how to chain load them as sub-part of a long term project I have in mind. What caught my eye, and I am being premature posting as I haven't got around to playing with it yet, is the "Patch boot information table" under the "Bootable Disk" tab. Reading back though older post I have found the kinds of information that was causing me to pull my hair out looking for. As well as being entertained by the process on this board over the years. A large part of the reason I haven't gotten back to my own testing.


The imgBurn team here is world class, both in the software as well as the knowledge and help provided on the forum. Dealing with people and their hardware of dubious quality and particularly limited lifespan is challenging in itself. Perhaps I can produce a PDF and windows help format help file, basically plagiarizing Cynthia's work on this forum. I prefer the PDF, but a windows help format could be contextualized so that if someone was on a particular tab in settings and hit F1 it would automatically open the help file at the location related to those particular settings or switch to that page if it is already open.


Thanks guys and galls for a world class job all the way around :thumbup:

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