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just a few questions


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Hi Gang


New to this forum, so I thought I would introduce my self and say hi to all of you.


I have used DVD decrypter for a few years, and really liked it. Now that you cannot get any updates, etc, from their site, I switched to IMGburn. Looks a lot like what I am used to seeing in DVD decrypter. Looks great. Now should I leave the old DVD decrypter on my computer, (probably a silly question) and if I do leave it there, will it affect how IMGburn works.? And if I leave it there will it affect how IMGburn is set up, meaning I have DVD decrypter set up so it automatically goes to the decrypter to finish burning the DVD after Shrink is done, and can the IMGburn be set up to do this.?


Thanks and take care...........Gunny

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