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I've used ImgBurn for a while. I've made a donation, a while back.


I never asked for help - who needs it really?


A "point of pain" for me was always, spanning and filling.


A little while ago, I found Dokan and wrote, for my own use, a user-mode filesystem base on it that I called CFS - Chunking File System - to handle this.


As a community contribution, I did more work on (double the initial effort) to make it available as a FOSS.


So I came back here, never having needed help, and signed up for the forum. I was able to post a New thread, but still, a month and more later, I still cannot reply to any of the folks who are asking for a way to deal with this issue.


I see that you have a "rule" about "newbies" not being able to reply to anyone else. Huh. An unusual rule, but, OK, your thing, you rule. But really, it is not true that every new signup to the forum is a rank newbie.


Would you like to consider including CFS in the ImgBurn?


Or, how long do I need to live before you let me answer the pleas for help in spanning and filling?





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