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Unable to change booktype Slimtype DVD A DS8A4S


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I am trying to burn a Copy of Mercedes Alpine navigation DVD and need to set the Booktype of the DVD I am burning in imgBurn.


Burn SW: imgBurn

Laptop: Lenovo Z560

DVD Drive: Slimtype DVD A DS8A4S

DVD Disc: Verbatim 8X DVD +R DL


In the Change Booktype popup window I am unable to find any Manufacturer "DVD+ R DL" selection that will let me change to DVD-ROM. I tried all manufacturer tabs and even when i find get error:

Unknown (FAILED!)

Reason: Invalid Command Operation Code


Need some help changing the booktype to DVD-ROM

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Tired of burning using Laptop DVD writers. Went and bought a LG 24x External DVD Writer and was able to set BookType to DVD-ROM and burn it successfully too. Finally!!!


BUT when I insert the DVD in Mercedes car navigation it says "DVD error...." Then I recalled in one of the forum someone mentioning that its not the DVD issue and following workaround:


1. Insert the original navigation DVD

2. Once its loaded; Eject the original DVD and QUICKLY insert the Copied one.

3. This time no DVD error. I turned off the car and started again to check initialization, no issues so far.


Finally it seems to be working.


Wondering what logic the DVD player has in place to figure out its copied, and I had to trick the player?

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