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Save MD5 for all files burned on disc


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Hi there LUK!, since Imgburn already calculates the MD5 of the whole disc, it's probably able to calculate the MD5 of each file, my idea is to add to the root of the disc (before closing it) a MD5 file with the hashes of each file, the file coud have the same name of the label.

Is this doable or the MD5 is calculated in a way that it can't tell apart one file for another?


Thx a lot

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Way back in the old days when I first started burning DVD's, I put MD5's in the root of the DVD:






I could then verify the entire Video_ts directory from the checksum file. Creating the MD5 was a time consuming process so I quickly abandoned it.


Additionally, DVD's have their own error correction built in. If you are can copy the files from the burned disk, then they should, in theory, be guaranteed to be free of errors. If there are errors, the copy should fail.


If LUK could add the md5 file as shown above without taking additional time, then it might be an interesting feature.

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