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Looking for 3 different Blu-ray burners, which are recommended?


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I'm looking for 3 different BD drives.


A portable one for my laptop, possibly powered by the computer (Dell Precision M6300, has an internal DVD burner, but i guess with a proprietary connector?).

A slim one (internal) for my office pc.

A half-height (internal) one for my video-editing station.


They should at least play CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs and burn them with quality burning results (if that is possible from a consumer drive).


Which ones do you recommend?


Thanks in advance for any hints.

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I can't comment on slimline ones - never use them and wouldn't if I had any choice in the matter.


For half height, you're pretty much just going to be looking at LG, Pioneer and LiteOn.


Head on over to the MyCE forums and see how the latest models by those 3 perform with the sort of discs you're going to buy.


There are threads with loads of (disc quality) scans for each of them.

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