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YES! Success! WinXP Frankenstein 32 bit ...

Tony Funches

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The short bit is; I salvaged a Ancient off-brand WinPC from a Bud after the Mudda-Bored fried ... put in a spare ancient AMD replacement, loaded XP w/ Svc Pks thru #3, MSE, blah blah blah .... had CD RW built-in, but no DVD/RW ... got a refurb @ Action Computers (Pioneer DVD/RW 109), put it in an old Maxtor ext USB 2.0 housing, & ... nuttin'! XP told me to pound salt, MS Support is a Taliban Joke ... so ... a week of web searches led me to ImageBurn, I checked reviews, downloaded, scanned with MSE, installed, fumbled with gibberish stuff (I had no CLUE!) to get it to write ... & Spank Me Runnin' ...SUCCESS! I'm a happy camper, contrary to my FB Rants on Neo-Cons ... & I'll spread the word to MILLIONS of others snarlin' & cussin' folks post-43230-0-72146600-1326182816.jpgabout MS refusal to admit that XP slithers like a snake regarding external DVD USB 2.0 - for whatever reason ... A Whole Buncha Thank You to everybody there at ImageBurn from Me! Ya got MY Support ... Cheers & Jollies, TF

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