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mds file needed?


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I am very naive with these kind of things so I will try to explain me as better as I can


I am using imgburn to back up my DVDs and soon my BDs creating an image in my external hard drive.


and I have some questions:


1. are there some different formats iso files? (mds dvd etc...) if so whats the best format in order to be able to use the image to play the dvd or bluray in a multimedia hard drive


2. what are files .mds or .dvd? Do I need to create these files when creating the iso? what happens if I dont create them can I burn the DVD without these files if I delete them?


Thanks in advance.

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1. ISO files should all be the same. They're meant to be very basic - single session, single track, just user data (not 'raw').


2. They're normally created when reading a double layer disc (but a bug in the code means they're created all the time). They contain info about the layer break position.


If you have no intention of burning the image to another disc and have a single large ISO file (so file splitting isn't being used), you don't need them and they can be deleted.


ImgBurn understands MDS (v1) and DVD (they're just plain text) files, but you have the option of which (if any) it creates alongside the ISO depending on which other tools you use. The MDS is meant for mounting the image in DAEMON Tools. The DVD is meant for mounting the image in Virtual CloneDrive.

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I have changed the name of the iso file and now the mds file is not working,


can I create a new mds file with imgburn directly from the iso file? I know there is this option in the menus but I mean it works like the old mds file that I deleted or do I need to create a new image iso to obtain a new mds file?

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