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Batch burning with IMGBURN


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I am a network admin for Johnson Controls Inc.


Im always using ImgBurn to burn ghost backup files ".GHS, .GHO" backup files to DVD's...


Each DVD has 2 files which are about 2GB each in size...so 2 files fit on a DVD



My problem is that I always have to add the next 2 files after the previous ones are burnt, and its getting tiring....(i know im lazy)


But im just trying to automate the process so i can just pop in the disk and it will continue burning the next files.


Is there any way i could put about 20 of those ".GHS" 2GB files in ImgBurn, and have it just tell me to put the new DVD in after the previous 2 files were sucessfully burned? so i dont have to keep removing the old files and adding new ones to burn and starting the whole process over again?




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