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My nephew alwys said he would stay in school if he could for his whole life since he was little .He just recieved his Masters Degree in mathmatics and teaches high school .Child with an idea made it happen next stop is his PHD.

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yep, i knew about the 4 core b4 i bought mine, as coolaler had been testing it, he gets all the best gear to test.


Old before you know it, thats always the way it has been and will always be so.


I have to say i am over the moon with my E6600, best CPU i have ever bought.

Will still keep an eye on AMD though. I think they have their work cut out as the core 2 duo is fantastic CPU and if AMD had something to compete there back to the drawing board when kentsfield appears in Jan 2007 or whenever it gets released.

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This normally ends in fighting but here i go anyways.



I have always bought Amd, as imo i believe they run better at what i want to do.



People get kinda tribal. It's like the Ford vs. Chevy thing.


I grew up Chevy. So my Dad would say shit like, FORD=Found On Road Dead. or Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge and bunch of other shit I don't remember any more. The best the Ford people could come up with was lame license plate frames that would say, "I'd rather be towing a Ford than driving a Chevy." How fucking drunk are you, bro?


I remember, for the longest time, AMD was treated as a joke by the IT dudes. Outright giggles was often the response.


Now AMD definitely appears to have closed the gap. I've always used Intel so whenever I get to buying a replacement for my three yr old Studebaker, '44 Packard computer, it'll almost certainly be an Intel. AMD used to have a price advantage--and a quality gap. Now the quality gap is gone and so's the savings.


What I really want is a Pentium D dual core with HT with an ATI X1900. And a horny, 21 yr old Air Force wife living next door. But what the hell. I'll settle for the former. (Of course I'm kidding, but my wife never reads this so I can write whatever the fuck I want.)


JAY-SUS, crulie! $1400 for a processor! What company are you the CIO for? Just based on that processor price, I figuring you spent around five gee's, er, 2500 pounds.


Good Christ. Envy :& doth eat me up!!!!

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