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  1. Daniel


    I discovered my crappy drive writes to Aone crap discs perfectly today, been using verbatims for ages. Nice to see the old members still posting here. Regards The bloody student.
  2. Very lare happy birthday mate
  3. Daniel


    lost it resend
  4. I feel rather left out, i cant overclock my crappy dell laptop #39;(
  5. Daniel


    Yeah, when is the divorce mate Bloody Student......... Good to see you Dan. You too, happy bday
  6. Daniel


    Yeah, when is the divorce mate
  7. Why didnt you just roll them over to her fence in the first place?
  8. Looks the same as dvdd was, now i feel like ive cheated on it #39;( though i like the image when it first loads
  9. Right ive never tryed it yet, gonna downlaod it now lol
  10. go to your firefox directy, edit cut. Copy it to disc, take it out to the garden and set it alight
  11. Daniel

    Core Quadro

    http://tomshardware.co.uk/2006/09/10/four_...the_rampage_uk/ Nice
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