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IMGBURN made me a XP-Pro SP3 ISO > 100% bootable - EASY!


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I just have to say I hope these threads get spydered by search engines and someone who needs this info will be rescued like this, like I too was, and that's why I'm posting this, to try to give something back.


This little program is perfect for when you want to make a disc so you can just insert it into the Disc Drive tray, like with regular original installation discs, and it will boot up your machine and then Auto_Run an install interface.


You can use it for a lot of stuff, but this thing is a real lifesaver for folks who find themself with a harddrive that they are locked out of, or has been compromised by malware or virus, and you just have to start all over from scratch. But what if you don't have a copy of an operating system, even an old XP version, any version, laying around, or anyone you know does. If you can just have access to a PC with a CD-writable drive and able to download an ISO of an Operating System, use IMGBurn and burn that ISO onto a disc while making it bootable at the same time, and viola, you'll be back up in a very short time.


It happened to me, as it has for a lot of folks, and I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out which FREE program to get to try to burn an ISO of XP SP3 I downloaded (using torrents).


Well this is a real life user experience. You can keep on searching or you can just get this tool and see for yourself. The beauty of it is that it's not a gargantuan download and installation task of its own, like some other imposters which are literally CRAMMMED FULL of bloatware and adware.


You'll be doing yourself a huge favor getting this handy little helper.


take care everybody - :victory:

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