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Pioneer A11/111


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Note Pioneers statement:

Once updated to version 1.29, this drive will not revert to older firmware versions.


Change log


Support New 8x DVD-R Media

( 8x writing:E-top )

Support New 16x DVD-R Media

( 16x writing:Leaddata, AMC, Must Tech )

( 12x writing:E-top, Infosource)

Support New 8x DVD-R DL Media

( 8x writing:Taiyo-Yuden(That's), Maxell )

Support New 8x +R Media

( 8x writing:E-top )

Support New 16x +R Media

( 16x writing:MBI, Optodisc, Ritek, Prodisc )

( 12x writing:VDL ODMS )

Support New 8x +R DL Media

( 8x writing:Ricoh, Ritek )

DVD-R DL Writability has improved.

DVD-R DL Readability has improved.

+R DL Writability has improved.

+R DL Readability has improved.

+RW Writability has improved.

DVD-RAM Writability has improved.

DVD-RAM Readability has improved.

CD-R Writability has improved.

CD-RW Writability has improved.

CD-ROM Readability has improved

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