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What file type to burn to DVD


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I know that this is about as basic as you can get, but I have't a clue about burning DVDs. I tried Windows Media Player, it seemed to only work with .avi files. so I converted .mov to .avi. The burn got to 99% then failed. "Try again" it said. I am travelling and have only one more DVD to hand, so I found an Sony program installed on this Viao, it didn't like .avi, nor did it like the .mov, so I had to convert to .mp4. That got me nowhere, the program simply made another file on the hard drive, a composite of clips taken at random from the .mp4 files. 


I found out about Imgburn, installed it, but it doesn't seem to work with .mov, avi or mp4. So just what file format do I have to convert the original .mov file to in order to burn a DVD using imgburn?


Thanks for any enlightenment.



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You can burn the files to a DVD "as is" for archive purpose and for them to be played on a computer.


If you want the file to be played on a regular DVD player you need to convert the file to a standard DVD Video structure (VIDEO_TS folder with a bunch of .ifo, .bup, .vob files in it)


DVD Flick or DVD Styler can do this for you.

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