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How to read PIPO scan screenshots from DVDInfoPro


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quite a lot people ask what do these scans mean so heres a meagre attempt at an explanation




PI Errors should be as low as possible- the best burns are shown with a scale of 0-10


PI Failures should also be as low and as few as possible, many PIF errors will result in a low quality rating


Jitter has an effect on the quality too, if the jitter goes over 10% the quality drops dramatically.


If error correction totally fails, that's when you get a PO Failure (Parity Outer). The PO Failures are the ones where you'd then get a I/O Error during Verify etc as the drive couldn't read the disc


The Quality Rating will give a good idea as to how good the scan is


We on this forum tend to scan all things at 8x CAV so the scans are done the same way


If you take a snapshot, then save it as .PNG as it looks clearer and more defined.

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