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FYI - BD Burning - Nero11 vs IMGBurn


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1st time BD burner NooB  --  Began burning Disks: 


I 14:02:12 Source File Application Identifier: IMGBURN V2.5.8.0 - THE ULTIMATE IMAGE BURNER!
I 14:13:56 Source Media Type: BD-R (Disc ID: VERBAT-IMe-000)

Using Nero., at 4x max. Burns went well through 25 + Discs, then began experiencing multiple errors -- 4-5 discs failed in succession. Reading Nero logs provided no useful info, although, reading those logs is "difficult", for me. 

Did not even know IMGBurn, was able to 'author' (Write files to Discs) --  had used it many times in the past for ISO burns, of course.

Saw a post informing me of the same, though *Caution*, was included - (*For Advanced User-ETC.*) and downloaded, hesitant, because Advanced User, usually is not me.

Yet, I clicked EZ-Mode Picker and it was done. Took a second to get Layout, then BURN Baby BURN, like 20 discs, in a row and forgot to set Max Write speed and discovered at least two (2) important things:


1. Nero was limiting my data on disk, by approximately 1 GB less than ImgBurn, which I thought was astounding, and yes I know the appearance of yellow, doesn't mean FOR SURE, but this is the point. who would burn into yellow, if you didn't know - I didn't, so that is a huge important difference. ImgBurn, on the other hand, is so exact as to Data allowance, then ...


2. The above discs Verbatim BD-R, white, w/ Blue letters-ETC., burned at up to 11x, although packaging is marked 6x. Found all over Amazon - $32.00-US-25 BD-R Discs-Retail is more like $45.00-50.00 locally IF they have them.


Plus, I left verify on accidentally, and Burn was so much faster and Read speed, much faster, and with problems already, I let it verify, which, of course I should have done since discs are archives.

Summary: I was being too cautious, having used Nero longtime-and hearing the warnings -1.Bad Media 2. Slow burn down, for ANY error, over and over every time I read a post. THERE IS MORE.


After 20 + burns, using ImgBurn on a particular layout I got an error, in Verify, so using my "intelligence", I renamed files, (The log showed me exactly where error was-the Folder  -- The File -- ETC - easy to find, with useful information) Brought files "up', one level, used attrib CMD to remove R S H etc. but got two more failures.Huh?


Guess what? Removed that Folder and File, tried again, Back to PerfecT - Neither file or folder showed ANY problems or difference. File played perfect. But something was wrong and instead of guessing and or reading 25 more posts, I just removed the folder and file and Back to PerfecT.


Wanted to post this in case others had similar problems and BTW, Nero was working great, with DVD+R et al, before the BD burning  -- But getting more data on disc and the actually being able to READ log file really saved me from a "spinout".

First, Thank you for a great program !!!!!

Second, Hope this helps.

Third, How do I burn that Folder and File? Recode It-Recreate it- Who cares! I was able to get Better burns, with more data, faster AND actually solve a problem and keep going!


Redacted-Summary-AIDA64 Extreme Edition.txt

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