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Imgburn need serious improvement


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This is about latest ver. of imgburn


What happened-

Today I desperately needed to burn two CDs. As usual I put respective file & click on Burn. Got acknowledgement of Successful completion of Operation. I eject tray & reinsert CD & was hoping that Data will appear inside CD. But sadly CD was showing blank(entire space 702 MB was free).


I thought problem might be with media so tried to Burn 2nd CD & result was same :(


I again bought fresh pairs of CDs & before Burn I read out most of concerns related to Blank CD issue on this forum. But couldn't find working solution. Also I never changed or tweaked anything & was going by default options; only thing I followed during CD Burning -select minimum burning speed. Courtesy of my complete faith on Open Source decided to give another try. I did clean install first by uninstalling & removing traces in Registry but result was same.


I didn't have much time so sadly had relay on Pirated copy of N**O & "Eureka....." it worked. CD Burn successful & data was showing despite Restarts & Multiple Tray ejection. A sigh of relief that I don't have to go empty handed.



But I was curious to know if there's something wrong with DVD Writer or not so brought more CDs & decided to try at friend's PC. I burn different size of Data on our both's PC & that too with Imgburn & N**O & I could surely conclude there's no problem at all with my device it something to do with Software. Fortunately we both got different versions of OS so I don't think so its something related to OS.



My testing may not too par with techie people but it certainly proved at least to me that Imgburn software need some improvement. Possibly I might not configured some of options properly but if told by experts I will certainly give many more try.


Comments awaited :)

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