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How to install or update ImgBurn (with pictures!)


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I am appalled by the amount of whining about OpenCandy with the installation or update of ImgBurn. That prompted me to construct a tutorial with pictures to help click happy people avoid installing unwanted add-ons.


Thanks again to LIGHTNING UK for this awesome FREE product.


First start the download HERE





Select a provider for the download





Click "Run" when prompted





Acknowledge any security warnings. If you're not comfortable with this, then DO NOT continue.






Click "Next"





1. Read the License Agreement

2. Tick the accept box

3. Click "Next"





1. There is nothing hidden here.

2. Click "Next"





1. Choose the installation location (default location is fine)

2. Click "Next"





1. Select the shortcut folder location (default "ImgBurn")

2. Click "Next"





This is where the add-ons start. Your add-ons may be different, but the process is still the same.


1. Tick custom install (even if it's greyed out / looks disabled), untick all boxes (unless you want any of the options)

2. Click "Next"





1. Again, tick custom install, untick box.

2. Click "Next"





1. Wait for the installation to finish

2. Click "Close"



Now, was that so hard? Go enjoy your FREE tool and don't be a tight-ass. DONATE!!!

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How many of the whiners have actually donated to the cause?




That's hard to say, but I would venture a guess here:




It's always easy to say I would donate $xxx.xx if only you did 'this' or 'that' or 'if this didn't happen' or 'that is what I need you to do with your program".  FFS it's freeware and the :worthy: developer :worthy: keeps working on it and improving it without charging for it and the whiners keep thinking they have a right to tell him what to do.


I've been accused of flaming posters on here lately, and I surely do.  But the only ones who get hammered are the ones who fall into the above category.  They may not say it, but if I read between the lines and feel that is what they are saying I personally do not care if they were going to buy the program from LUK I will express my opinion.  And if they do buy it they can fire my happy arse right after they kiss it.



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