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ImgBurn Icons Displaying Incorrectly Again......

The Horrendous

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Greetings and fermentations:

Recently I noticed that the IMG Burn icon in the Start Menu of my Windows 7 Home premium edition had been exchange for a generic place holder icon. After some research I found a forum entry called “ImgBurn Icons Displaying Incorrectly” where it was suggested by the author of IMG burn that the icon cache should be rebuilt. The thing is though, this thread seems to suggest that the icon cache may have somehow been deleted which is why the main icon was exchanged but after looking the icon cache is still present on my system. My question is, I guess, is there a need to rebuild the icon cache if it is still there?...and I suppose would it not be simpler to create a new shortcut on the desk top and pin that to the start menu?? :shakehands:

Cheers ears




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