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Storing BD Movies On NAS as my movie library Rather than burning


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Rather than burning I am using anydvd to rip to ISO to HDD, I use a Nas for a home movie library.  I use Clonedvd2  (not compatible withBD)  to put dvd's on it. Clonedvd2 has a option as far as copying to file where as imgburn, as far as I see, doesn't.  Can I use Img to put the ISO in a file on the Nas?  Is there anything I would need to do with IMGBURN to do this,  or just put the nas in the destination, rather than the burner ?

Or should I just rip the ISO to the created folder on the NAS?  Don't know what a ISO is, but anyway :juggle:

PS..decided to rip ISO to file on NAS and see what happens, I'ts 38% done with 38Gig

 Sure be nice to compress and retain Quality


Didn't work as a ISO on the Nas

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Don't know what a ISO is,


First of all... :rtg:  :rtf:  :rtfg:


Secondly...ImgBurn does not rip protected media.  Nor do we discuss ripping protected media here.


Third...If that is what you need to do, then Google is your friend and with a little reading and study you will know exactly what to do.

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