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Help With Platform ID Setting - Imgburn Version


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Hi Guys,


I couldn't post to Mulia's thread about the Platform ID Setting in ImgBurn:


So I've started a new thread to assist IMGBurn Users.


Mulia asked which Platform ID she requires to make a bootable Win 7 disc.

In IMGBURN Change log for Imgburn version it states:


"Added: The ability to set the 'Platform ID' when building a bootable disc - thus enabling the creation of UEFI bootable discs"


UEFI stands for Universal Extendable Firmware Interface - It's a new kind of BIOS used by the latest motherboards.

So, logically, you only need to select this Platform ID in IMGBURN if you are going to be booting using a very modern PC.

The only way to be CERTAIN you have a UEFI BIOS is if you check your Motherboard Manual. (These can usually be downloaded as PDF files from motherboard manufacturer websites).


If you dont know the make and model of your motherboard, there are plenty of FREE ulitities around that can scan your devices and output the details. (I use EVEREST for example).


Does Windows 7 has a UEFI boot loader?

I think the short answer is YES. Microsoft has an article about "deploying Windows on UEFI Computers".

Link to microsoft article here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc766450%28v=ws.10%29


Hope this helps someone somewhere :)


Imgburn is a great progam - If the developers use this forum I'd like to say thanks for keeping it alive!


Kind Regards, OldSchoolTech


PS: 80x86 Setting may stand for a 32bit (none UEFI) motherboard, since "x86" was the codename for Windows XP 32 Bit - But if I'm wrong please let me know- cheers.


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