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Opencandy malware classifications


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Backed by Microsoft and Google, my-arse ! WAKE-UP ! Loads of dodgy sites claim that.

Quote from Microsoft

"Some versions of this program send information specific to your computer (like a unique machine code, operating system information, and location) to a remote server without getting enough consent from you. These versions are detected by Microsoft's security software."

Entry was updated on: Aug 13, 2013



That is just the actual Opencandy installer, and not even the dodgy extras using it.

Does that seem like something Microsoft would publicly recommend when their own software looks for it?


Still Rated EMD - sites engaged in malware distribution Severity:High Risk







I dare you to repeatedly run the installer yourself if you think it's so fine.

See how long before your AV screams at you or your browser is hijacked.

What have you got to worry about eh ?

After all, you say you can easily skip or decline anything you don't want, so you must be familiar with all the various installers that are being offered.


How about you do it with your AV and firewall switched off ?

Go on. run the installer 5 times, with no protection and see what happens.

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