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disc erase is done at max speed, regardless of speed setting


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I use ImgBurn as my default and only burning software. I'm very satisfied with this software, because it has nearly all functions I need.

Today I want to report a long standing bug, which is always present in


When I erase a disc (tested with CD-RW or DVD+RW), the erase speed is always MAX. I usually set lower write speeds. But this setting is not taken into account when erasing discs. Even AWS speed settings are not used.


Burning itself uses the write speed setting as expected.


I think, erasing discs should also be done with the write speed the user has chosen.


Interesting detail: If I put in a disc which is known to AWS, the write speed setting shows the correct value from AWS. Now, when I click Tools->Drive->Erase Disc->Quick and confirm the "Do you really want to erase?", the write speed setting goes to "MAX" for the duration of the erase process.




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