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Shadiest install. Developer in denial?


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First of all I'd like to say that I have used imgBurn as my go-to application for burning images for the past ~8 or so years and I've been really happy about it(and I'm still happy about the software itself).


It really is a shame that the developer decided to cash in on the product. And I say "cash in" because there is no other explanation unless LIGHTENING_UK is in some extreme denial. Having so many people complain about it without getting the memo is just absurd. I understand that this software is freeware and the author needs some way to get compensated for it, but there really is a boundary nobody should cross. There are plenty of opt-out systems out there that don't go as far as the one included with the installer for ImgBurn.


I think of myself as a pretty experienced person when it comes to installers. I've seen it all. And I would expect this level of trickery to be included in some garbage downloaded from the nethers of the web.There are 2(!) trick screens, both worded terribly. The one that almost caught me was the greyed out custom install radio button. That is some sneaky shit right there.


Not to mention the horror stories from some of the poor sods who had the misfortune of installing the malware.


I will assume that payment is given on a per-install/infect basis, considering how extremely shady the installation is. If so, good job LIGHTENING_UK, you really got yourself a cash business going. Too bad it will bite you in the long run. Please consider finding a better solution to your funding needs, even the ask toolbar installer opt-out is less shady.

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