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Used to LOVE this.. but gotta find something new now


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It's sad that I just had to register on the forum for this purpose. Considering that all these years of using an amazing burn tool and never having any problems. Then this.....


This used to be the only burn program I used. But now that my computer is filled with shit I can't get rid of and I can't change my start page anymore. WTF is going on.. I even declined on the extra thing it asked to install.


This is really rediculous.


It's just sad to see so many years of satisfaction get ruined by this.


And it won't help comming with the crap about it's easy to opt out and stuff...


First of all I was used to just use the recommended and never had any issues and there was a trust build. So yes... I'm just gonna hit next and hit install and hey... a game? easy.. decline.. but what is this shit? Who the fuck did this happen? Now how the FUCK do I get rid of this?


I'm on a windows 8 with a sync account and use chrome with a sync account. Now every computer is bloody filled with this crap... god I hate it...


Just had to vent off...


I wish you the best xoxo

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