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What will happen to ImgBurn?


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Hi everyone...

It has been a while since I was active on this forum :)


But I have a serious question. Is ImgBurn going to be around let's say in 3-5 years time? Will it be as popular? The reason is, no one uses discs anymore. There might be an handful of people still burning expensive discs, but why? The DVD and Blu-ray media is dead, digital streaming on 4K and 8K is the future. I dought that 4K will come onto Blu-ray XL discs, they are two expensive and people will have to buy and new Blu-ray player.


I don't mean to be a "hater", I love ImgBurn I only use it to read discs now, I haven't burnt anything is almost a year and a half.

But I a, sure ImgBurn will be around, still, those Disc Utility apps.


Tell me what your opinion is on this, I would love to hear :)


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