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Many thanks for great directions ...


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and what appears to be a truly simple and great program.


I am a total, COMPLETE, dummy when it comes to CDs and the various formats, burning an ISO image.


I followed the step by step pictorial provided and am still a bit befuddled by how easy and simple it was.


I'm wondering if someone would take time to set me straight on a few things.


When I want to burn something, should I use a CD-R or CD-RW?


I'm always confused by which drive I should use. I have one labeled DVD/CD-RW Drive E -- and another labeled DVD RW Drive F. What is the distinction?


I appreciate that everyone on these forums is busy helping others, but if someone has time to give me a few pointers I would really appreciate it.   :pray:



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welcome to the forum

looks like your E drive is a cd burner that can read dvd's as well

your F drive is a dvd burner (which can also burn cd's)

you can use cd or cd-rw, it's up to you 

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