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OpenCandy and ImgBurn


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I see there is a lot of talk about OpenCandy being bundled with ImgBurn. I have to admit I'm very disappointed as well. I'd just like to add, if you are running a TrendMicro product you can't even download it, it's immediatly deleted and reported as greyware.


Computer: COIT02

Domain: All workstations

Date/Time: 4/18/2014 1:20:48

Spyware/Grayware and Result:


Successful, no action required



That kind of speaks for itself.


It looks to be fairly harmless, but I doubt I'm the first to say "I don't want it anywhere near my system/network." It's too bad, ImgBurn is a great piece of software too.


I'm really bummed, I love this software, but there is no way I can use it, or would even think of doing so again until this is removed.

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