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Trend blocking all mirror downloads


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Verified fraudulent page or threat source.

What You Can Do:
  • Contact your administrator about security settings on your network


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Trend has blocked all access to all mirrors.  Please change your software back.  We love ImgBurn.


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I have a feeling that Trend Micro is being too aggressive or there is a temporary security/certificate oversight by techspot.

If you have any doubts just go over to www.techspot.com & you'll see it's a conventional, long running & trusted website.

However, if Trend has got you scared of techspot then you can safely visit any website via a sandboxed browser using the excellent Sandboxie software (free for this sort of basic use).

I should warn you that Trend is likely to have a problem with Sandboxie as well though!

Anti-virus/anti-malware programs do need to be temporarily disabled occasionally, as none of them has been built to cope with every possible situation/scenario & I consider many of them to be malware in their own right!

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