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There's no opting out!


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Why do you lie? Why do you keep saying that I can opt out from the malware garbage you're pushing?


It was bad enough that the previous version was pushing the Ask toolbar, but at least I could opt out from that.


This is the screen I see after having chosen location and start meny folder:




Now, where is see "I don't want you to FUCKING TOUCH MY BROWSER!" -button?

Because I can't fucking see it.


So. You're lying. And not only are you a liar, you're also pushing malware to your users.

I can forgive a lot of things, but for this... there's NO FUCKING EXCUSE! You piece of shit.


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you just click custom installation and leave the ticks out of the 'install search' and 'i allow' checkboxes

 it's not that difficult

this type of installer is popping up on most types of freeware, get used to it


no need to be obnoxious

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