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Confused About Installing ImgBurn minus Adware? Read This!


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I'm not exactly sure why so many seem to have difficulty installing ImgBurn without co-installing the 3rd-party "adware", but it did not present a challenge to me when I recently installed version!

Attached to this post are 3 screen grabs of the part of the install which seems to be contentious.

They show the correct procedure for installing the bit you want (ImgBurn application) whilst dismissing the 3rd-party "adware" "bloatware" "crapware" - whatever you wish to call it!

VERY SIMPLE: When you are presented with an option for installing ANYTHING, other than the initial ImgBurn, just select "Custom installation" and un-check (un-tick) any Check-Box below.

During this stage, after un-checking the boxes, a notice appeared below stating:

"Leaving all the boxes unchecked will not install anything."

Perhaps this is confusing people. I assure you, the ONLY thing that won't be installed is the offending "software". Just click "Next" & ImgBurn WILL be installed, nice-&-clean!

Of course, it is possible to unpack the ImgBurn installer (as it is with most programs) but I would dare to suggest that if you're bright enough to do that, then you're bright enough to run through the provided installer normally & choose the obvious options to "opt out" of 3rd-party offers.

Maybe if a few more people chose to donate for this excellent software, it wouldn't be necessary to collaborate with 3rd-parties at all. I install, or provide an install disc of, brilliant freeware like ImgBurn to my customers' computers, & I also encourage them verbally, or through a "readme", to donate to those people who spend their valuable time creating & perfecting the kind of software that is so useful & widespread that we take for granted - FOR FREE!

I have only just joined this forum, but I am truly shocked at some of the abuse & ignorant anger which has been directed towards ImgBurn's creator.post-53675-0-96548500-1401682412_thumb.jpg

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Sort of like my story with  I pointed out the new version to my best friend and he installed it.  Then, he told me after installing it, he had all of his bookmarks deleted.  I guessed he got click happy and something from OpenCandy replaced his bookmarks.  I've not heard from him ever since; it's been almost a year now.  But, do I blame the author of ImgBurn for this?  No. 

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