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How do I burn a DL DVD to a single layer DVD?


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I've search this forum for the above and found nothing. I've ripped a DVD that is a dual layer DVD Movie and it removed all the crap that is embedded. Normal I would use DVD Shrink to do this, but it complaint about the protection. I used DVD Decryption and that didn't seem to fix the issue because DVD Shrink caused some problems. I then used RipIt4Me and that created the files. I did some reading an it suggested that I use ImgBurn to burn to DVD. The problem as I see it is that I can only burn the image to a DL DVD. What I'm looking for is how to burn the DVD movie (if its a Dual Layer DVD) to a single layer DVD (if possible). In other words is a there a replacement for DVD Shrink?


Thanks :blink:

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