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[TROJAN] TuneUp comes with Snapdo.exe


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beware of installing sposnsored Tools !!! - I'm installed ImgBurn today and installed TuneUp by accident - My Firefox Icon changed to an Search-Icon and Startpage changed to www.snapdo...


ImageBurn is an fine Tool, but does it need realy to deal with Trojan and Malware Partners?!




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You know, I was disappointed when some of my favourite freewares & essential "free" software began to be provided via installers which included agreements with these 3rd party "terror"-wares.

However, when it came to independent freeware providers (who had long had a "donate" button on their webpage), my disappointment was more with those tens of thousands (or more) of users of the software who use it frequently & could painlessly donate.

I don't burn discs as often as I have in the past, but I still use ImgBurn a lot & I feel it may be time for me to make a small donation again - despite being a disabled, single parent widower!

Sometimes freeware begins as a "hobby" that the programmer starts in their youth but, if that software grows into a lengthy success story, it would be ridiculous to expect the developer/s to keep providing their precious time, their life, to the project ad infinitum with no other reward than a "thank you" (& sometimes not even that)!

If ImgBurn users really want to get rid of the 3rd party installer - here's a thought - HIT the DONATE BUTTON!!


By the way, there's always a way to opt-out of 3rd party apps in the installer.

Those who can't work it out....hmmmm....!!!


EDIT: The criticisms are not directed at the Original Poster!

(I realise that it was a simple accident which resulted in the install of the 3rd party apps).

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