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Panasonic 'Taiyo Yuden Dye' 16x speed DVD-R


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well my parcel turn up today at 9.20 am as usual next day delivery using intial shitty link.


I cannot see any company willing to post out stuff like this without a signature. However the parcel farce depot being 1 mile away for you to pick up your goods with you being out during day, you woudl think ukdvdr would realise youhave a point.


I would have bought them from SVP but they are always out of stock when i want to try them.


Other than that ukdvdr have always delivered when they said Next day.


If your order is late they refund you delivery charge.


They do not seem the brightest bunch though.


The latest shamble with this bunch of clowns is over six quids worth of ink cartridges! :/ The postage cost nearly as much as the cartridges but I was desparate to finish a college project, I wont be using them again thats for sure. I've ordered some of the 16x from svp so I will see how they go. :D Although I wont be home this weekend, so it will be midweek before I try them.

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I think I will stick with SVP, thanks Jack. I know they are good for you dontasciime but Jack isn't the only person I have seen to have troubles with them.


SVP have always been great for me, quality customer service and good prices too. :)

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Agreed i would rather do business with SVP, they were my first choice, however a mixture of them being out of stock of the 16x panasonics and ukdvd selling 500 dvd case for 13.99 swayed the deal in favour of ukdvdr this time.


Ink was cheap as well, 2 sets of r300 for 8 pound. Suprised i did not buy the liteon burner they had on offer for 19.99, wish i had of now, saying as if i want it now with delivery will be ?25+


SVP are a better choice though.

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