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Ok i gottal be dong something wrong. Need help.


I have tried to install imgburn on my windows 7 system 3 times.


The first time I tried i got a warning from my anti-virus software and tried to eliminate the problems when this happened the Imgburn download was was not allowed to down load to my computer. their was no file to exec .


I then figured that i would allow the threat to pass and run virus softare latter after the installation.


After the down load was on my computer, I then executed it and it was showiing me the installation progress. After the files were installed I found that I had no Icon on the desktop, and when i looked in my control panel for softaware that is on my system, I could not see any files for Imgburn.


# times I tired but cannot get the softare installed on my computer.


Is this a good thing or a bad thing??????


Would like to try the software but I am wondering if the virus that has been rreported on other posts is keeping it from installilng on my commputer?



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