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Wildcard file extension re-naming?


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IMGBurn is an awesome piece of work.  I'm going to send you $100.


I've been frustrated for over 4 years with Panasonic's lack of support for the their HD Writer program that came with early AVCHD cameras, and looking for an alternative.  The handy thing HD Writer did was to simply copy from SDHC cards directly to DVD without any transcoding delays, renaming camera specific file names to standard Blu-ray file names on the fly.  Takes about 8-9 minutes to create a Blu-ray player compatible DVD.  I'm now using a pro AG-HMC 150 camera, but Panasonic's software hasn't kept up with Microsoft, (no new OS compatible version(s) forthcoming).


But I'm pretty close with IMGBurn, just wondering if I'm missing one capability, mainly the ability to do wild card file name extension renaming?  That is, while I've learned the ability to define write order, and renaming of individual files via the Disc Layout Manager, what I don't see is a way to, for example, rename all *.MTS files to *.m2ts.  I do (American) football sideline video, typically 30-40 minutes total video per game, and 160 to 180 individual clips.  That means approx 170 files in CLIPINF folder, and 170 files STREAM folder, and thus time consuming to manually configure.


I've written a program to re-map the source material from SDHC cards, copying onto an intermediate hard disk folder and re-naming on the fly, and can then successfully use IMGBurn to create AVCHD DVDs compatible with Blu-ray players from that intermediate folder.  But it would be nice to be able to use the single IMGBurn app to execute the process.


Would you let me know if I've missed something?


Again, wonderful piece of work!



PS: I'm attaching a pdf doc with a table indicating the required file name and file extension re-mapping between files on the camera's SDHC card and the DVD.


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