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2.88 3.5"" floppy discs


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The best I could find is the fact that IBM tried to make 2.88 a standard and it bombed. Their site no longer offers them for sale so I would imagine you'll need a legacy retailer and you'll pay out the wazoo for the discs. I did find a retailer, who also had a broken link to the discs here in the States, but they were advertised at $76.00 American for 3 discs...musta been a 1985 pricing thing....


How did you come by a 2.88 drive? Picking through the boneyard? ;)

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Bought it brand new for ?6.99 at ukdvdr.


Had a feeling finding that size floppy would be a pain in the rrrr's, but recently had a program creating boot up disc's on 2 floppies and would have gotten away with it on one of these disc's if i had floppy capable of storing to 2.88 and a disc.

I normally pay ?3.08 for a standard 1.44 floppy drive and in past i have paid more than 6.99 for 1.44 floppy drive and i needed a new one anyways as the one in this comp is broken, sometimes it insists the floppy i have in is unformatted when i know for a fact its got files on it. Well now i do as the first couple of times it did that i thought umm must have wrong disc in and formatted it and lost stuff.



Will keep on looking ebay will turn up some eventually.



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found this on EBAY they're out of Canada


BRAND NEW Dysan MF2ED 2.88 MB floppy disks (Pack of 10) C $11.25

C $10.13


also ebay


2.88 blank ed discs free shipping 10 pack/$10



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