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Does Imgburn support Complete DVD Structure?


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It depends on a few things.



If you have a VIDEO_TS compliant folder of DVD video MPG files, then if you create an image from Build mode with that folder in the root, then ImgBurn will automatically change the necessary settings to make that DVD playable on a standalone DVD player.



If your DVD player supports playing of MPG files, i.e. some kind of container you play in something like Windows Media Player, then it depends on how your DVD player handles those kinds of files.  If your DVD player does support them, then usually all you should need to do it put the files in the root directory in a Build job.  However, it depends on how your DVD player plays them.  It may want them in a specific directory which your player's manually should tell you if it does.



If you have something like an .MPG file you're trying to play on a DVD player and it doesn't support playing .MPG files directly, you'll need something like ConvertXToDVD to convert the .MPG files to VIDEO_TS contents.

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