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Figured I'd mention...


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....guilty by association.


Ya know what? I don't use your software. Never needed to. Checked it out today, though. Found out your profits mean more to you than your ethics. Blocked emails from you, already. Blocking your site on my network next. I suggest when the admins read this, they just delete it. No need replying. I won't be listening. Just wan't them to see it.


Honestly, my gripe? You'll endanger the wellbeing of your users' systems and personal data, to make your software profitable. I personally think that means you don't deserve to profit. I saw your staff blasted a kid for bringing up the problem. A member of your OWN BETA TEAM treated him like trash! Why? Because, as they say, the truth hurts, and the crooks are usually the first to accuse others of wrongdoing.


By the way, your choice has cost you more than 10-12 users. Actually, given the percentage of people who pass on your product due to the issue, it's probably costting you many thousands. I aggregated numerous reviews, and calculated the number who chose not to use your software due to viruses. It's potentially as much as 21-23%.


My suggestion? Get a different business partner, because I KNOW there are others out there. Plenty of people should be hopping at the chance to work with you. they'll know that replacing the troublemaker will improve your popularity, which means improving distribution of their own software.


Or continue the Wal-Mart way - get rich quick, but go to hell for it. Honestly, I wouldn't risk winding up with that red-skinned, horned, bat-winged, heavilly-stereotyped S.O.B. for all the money and power in the world. NOTHINGS worth that!


Anywho, I'll be filing reports with necessary agencies on the virus creator, and any willing associates. By-the-way, you count as a willing associate, because you know it's malware, and distribute it regardless. I'll be sure to go through appropriate channels for foreign companies including, I believe, yours. The name implies a U.K. business. I'll also be sure to contact the major security blacklists, and discuss the addition of your site and software as a point-of-distribution for malware. I've an archive of your forums, and will be including a significant number of posts on rude staff behavior, and efforts to justify distribution of harmful software. I'll mention a certain discriminatory remark a staff member threw out there, and, finally, I'll be including a full breakdown of the problem software it's self.


Emails from staff via personal or alternative accounts will be included in the reports, as well. I don't even care what they say. The avaricious tend to sometimes do that kind of thing when you block their company emails.


Of course, I'm referring to your installer, which tends to bundle harmful software a lot. OpenCandy. My advice? Get a different one.


But, if you can't run a clean business, WITH CLEAN BUSINESS PARTNERS, just don't run a business.


We can't have that utopia that a staff member mentioned, because money means too much to some people.


.....Please, feel free to ban me. I don't want my name to be here any longer than it needs to be, anyway.

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