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Copy CD, DVD, Blu-Ray In One Step

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I would like to congratulate everyone for an excellent program. It has not failed me.


I was using another program to write mp3 files to a CD. The new CD played on the following:

1. My personal computer

2. A Bose player

3. A Blu-ray player.

It did not play in my 2013 CD mini-van CD player.


I then created a CD with ImgBurn and it played on all four of the above devices.



This may have been mentioned before, but I have not seen it.


Please add a function to copy one disk to one or more disks in one step. This would include CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray.


Everything on the original disk should be included; all data, labels, etc.


An option would be to create an image file simultaneously.


I did not like creating an image and the copy the image to a blank disk.


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