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LIGHTNING UK! - you have created a wonderful utility in ImgBurn, simultaneously powerful and elegant, which is a rare feat in utility software.


However, I and many others are hoping that you plan to release a new version of ImgBurn in the near future, even as a commercial utility.


The OpenCandy bundling with v2.5.8.0 has of course caused controversy - especially as a number of virus scan programs flag and/or block it due to the bundled adware and the practices of OpenCandy. Also, the fact that ImgBurn has not been updated in almost 3 years has caused it to be labelled as "unsupported" by some organizations - despite the fact that this forum is evidence to the contrary. The combination of the OpenCandy AV triggers and "unsupported" declaration means that many of us who use your utility for business purposes are now being told we can no longer do so.


IMO, you have the best ISO management product out there - PERIOD. Your talents are clearly demonstrated, and yes, you deserve to be paid for your product!


Please consider an update soon, without OpenCandy, but perhaps instead offering a "Lite" free version and a "pay" commercial version that is fully featured.  I and many others would gladly give you $$$ for it! :)

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