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Read Mode - Disc Recovery Option


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First, let me say that ImgBurn is amazing! I've been using it since the previous "differently-named" iteration of the software, and I've burned and read tens of thousands of discs with it! Just a great piece of software!


So, let me cut to the chase - it would be nice to have a "bad sector list" functionality in the read mode. In addition to spitting out the ISO, it would export a file with a list of sectors unable to be read. Then, ImgBurn would be able to import that file in the future and attempt to read just those sectors, adding any successfully-recovered sectors to the ISO file. The goal would be to eventually get a complete or "more-complete" ISO of a damaged disc.


I have run into many cases where old/scratched/etc media can be partially read in one drive or another, with each drive able to recover different sectors (sometimes after many retries). No drive can seem to read the entire disc, but collectively they can (or get a much better recovery).


There used to be a piece of software called "IsoPuzzle" that would do this, but it hasn't been maintained in nearly a decade and is essentially unusable/incompatible these days.

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I should mention that, if ImgBurn imports this file and is able to read additional sectors, it should then remove those sectors from the bad sector list file or create a new, smaller bad sector list file.






A very, a very powerful tool.

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