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If I donated $200 sometime in March, can I expect an update by December 31, 2017?


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More than two and one-half years ago when the current version of ImgBurn ( came out, the app developer wrote on the main page for everybody to take notice of:

If everyone who likes my program donates $2 (or whatever they can afford), I'll be able get more drives working, test with more types of media and add more exciting new features! Go on people.... Click the 'Donate' button :-)


ImgBurn is a great tool to have. I know the app developer has been quite busy lately, but three years come June 16 this year is long enough between even a minor update, especially for such a small program. I don't have a clue as to what additional drive or media support or exciting new features the app developer has had in mind for so long.


Yes, LIGHTNING UK!. I'm talking to you. If you could bring me and everyone else in the ImgBurn community up to date on the near future of ImgBurn, that would be great.

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